4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. icyhotspartin
    Inspired by the look and layout (somewhat) of Guardian and other Bungie-era Forerunner bits, this map is more a proof of concept for certain environmental design elements, though it is playable in its Alpha stage.


    Red/Blue spawns
    Team/Single CTF nodes
    FFA spawns
    Strongholds (not volumed)

    3 Battle Rifle
    2 Plasma Pistol
    2 Needler
    1 Shotgun
    1 HCE Magnum
    1 SPNKr
    1 H2 Beam Rifle
    4 each Frag, Plasma, Splinter grenades

    1 Man Cannon
    2-way teleporter from bottom to top

    Still rough around the edges for now but more than functional, and art is complete.


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