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Map Description

  1. SaltyKoala
    Muskrat is a pseudo-symmetrical terrain-based map which pits two bunkers against each other in intense Capture the Flag games.

    Muskrat draws inspiration from some not-so-popular Halo maps like Snowbound and Isolation. The map combines its underwhelming inspiration to successfully create a CTF experience more reminiscent of maps like Beaver Creek and Standoff.

    The two bunkers sit on either side of an open no-man's-land. The most direct route between them is fast, but very exposed and is dominated by turrets mounted atop the bases and dueling snipers. The alternative is the longer, tighter underground area where intense tug of war battles rule. Various flanking routes exist including the "Poopshoot", a drop-down connecting the upper area to its underground counterpart. Each base has a few tricks up its sleeve. Various asymmetric qualities make each base and the strategies surrounding its defense and offense differ.

    Power weapons are plentiful on Muskrat each with a specific offensive or defensive purpose. All of these weapons exist on static timers which are staggered such that a pickup is likely becoming available somewhere on the map every thirty seconds or so. Controlling these weapons is essential for breaking standoffs. These include the aforementioned dueling snipers and sweaty turrets, the centrally located shotgun and rockets, and the active camouflage.

    Recommended CTF settings are as follows:
    • Flag at home to score
    • Three second recovery
    • 30 second auto-return
    • 110% movement speed
    • 90% flag carrier movement speed
    • No radar

Recent Reviews

  1. moo43 moo43
    After testing this map for the past few months I would have to say its the best flag map I've played yet.
    Its like it taking all the awesome aspects of Beaver Creek and Standoff and making one great map out of it. And quite surprisingly the Gungoose is pretty cool on here as well.


  1. h0twing3

    h0twing3 Legendary
    Senior Member

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    I wouldn't mind seeing a remake of this for Halo 5
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