Munks Jump Dump


Map Description

  1. munk07
    I've currently been working on making custom games for the past month or so and this is one of many that I will submit.

    This is a 1 minute, round based mini game with players spawning on a rectangular platform, dodging pipes from 4 directions. Crouch under blue. Jump over yellow. The pipes are RNG. You will not be able to memorize the rounds.

    For the first 30 seconds, players will be warned where the pipes are coming from, after that, they map becomes gray scale and notifications go away. After 45 seconds, the gloom effect makes the map super dark.

    This map idea is just a small taste of what I've been working on. I went back and finished an idea I had months ago but just couldn't quite understand how to do it. I will post it soon..
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