MP1 Gunship

Map Description

  1. Omni42
    (Made this a while ago, but didn't post it because I thought ForgeHub was having a problem with uploading screenshots. Turned out it was just my browser haha. Anyway...)

    You might remember my previous Metroid Gunships (the flyable MP3 Gunship in particular got a fair bit of attention); at long last, the Prime 1 Gunship joins the lineup! Original, for comparison. Skip to ~6:14 in the linked video to see footage of mine.

    As per usual, there's a flyable version (which, fair warning, is a bit hard to control given its weight and size) and a landed version. But unlike in the past, this time the landed version is actually big enough to allow some of the interior to be accessible!

    P.S.: As a bonus, you can also check out the aesthetic map I used as a backdrop for my screenshots here.


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