Mountain of Eden

Map Description

  1. JustCall MeFree
    Mountain of eden was created for no more than your viewing pleasure. I want to take you for a lengthy walk of nature at it's finest... During the Autumn season, just as the leaves change color.

    Although MoE is not properly built to balance or run any slayer game modes, some extra spawns have been randomly placed in case you want to attempt a match of FFA or something like that. But I'd guess more than three or four players would be too crowded, and one could easily escape the map. Either way it sounds like an interesting idea, I just haven't tested it out yet :).

    I hope you have as much fun walking around MoE as I did forging it. It was left in my uncompleted pile of maps for over a year and I'm more than glad to finally release it to....uh...I guess the few that decide to give her a download.

    Other than that I don't have much to say haha...
    Thank you for all the love and amazing compliments from the Halo community. Peace <3

    GT: Crusty Socks 34


  1. ZombieDyer

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    looks pleasant enough :)
  2. JustCall MeFree

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    Why thank you good sire
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