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  1. K27R
    NOW AVAILABLE: Moscow - Winter!

    Welcome to Moscow!

    K27R - the creator of the Kingdom Hearts map - now invites you to the heart of the world’s most powerful country.

    For the first time in Halo history, visit Moscow - Red Square (Москва -
    Кра́сная Пло́щадь) in this
    epic sketch remake of the actual location.

    To the South we have St Basil’s Cathedral consisting of around 900+ pieces. Originally my draft Cathedral included 3 other 24-piece domes but were replaced by 6-piece domes. And just outside we have the Monument of Minin and Pozharsky.

    To the West we have Spasskaya Tower, the Kremlin Wall and Lenin’s Mausoleum. To the north we have the State Historical Museum and to the East we have the ГУМ Shopping Mall and Lobnoye Mesto (circular platform).

    The creation of this map took many long days. In many cases I forged 8 hours straight. I was hoping there would be more focus and fascination towards the cathedral towers, but realise most people probably aren’t gonna go looking up inside.

    I originally intended this map to be playable and that is still my intentions today.

    The map is open for improvements so suggestions welcome if applicable.




    Shotty Sniper

    Note from author. I’m not a big fan of seeing the custom browser loaded with Vanity Tower, but for the gametype (assassinations) this map fits right in and has a a lot of things to offer.

    Current issues:

    - Bad frame rate (but only when looking at the cathedral from a distance)

    - GUM building is quite dull I feel like it takes away from the atmosphere. I’m working on a solution. I figure if I could only turn the map around I could direct sunlight into more needed areas.

    - 1,600 object capacity hinders further development. White walls with patriotic red flags have been added to the map as borders. (Though shall not see the sky)

    - Map is not up to 100% actual scale/size. The square is roughly 30% smaller than in real life.

    A “Griffball” version will be coming soon!


    New Prefab: USSR Russia Flag (my personal favorite and 100% masterpiece)

    - - -

    Don’t forget to check out all my other maps and to join me in the custom games. I’m constantly hosting unique maps and gametypes!

    Check out my custom games trailer here:
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  1. ZombieDyer

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    Thought the thumbnail was the map. rip
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  2. CertifiedChamp

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    why does your description sound like a movie trailer? its just a forge map, relax
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  3. ZombieDyer

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    Seems like hes just passionate about the project but I get what you're saying.
  4. Ryouji Gunblade

    Ryouji Gunblade ONI Agent

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    Something something constructive criticism.

    It's pretty good though. Consider tweaking the floor here and there to hide the seams.
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  5. Ascend Hyperion

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    Please use an actual photo of the map as the thumbnail, not an image of the irl location.
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  6. K27R

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    I’m using Iphone 7. Have no idea if I’ve changed it. I can’t see any map pics at all except by clicking on an individual map


    Okay now I can do a little something
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  7. RPG3000

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    In Russia, Map forge you!
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  8. RPG3000

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    You misspelled 2nd most powerful country in the world.
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  9. brusky0086

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    Looks great K.
    I’ll be sure to walk around this later today and have a look.
    Great theme and your passion only says you take this seriously nothing more so keep it up man.:)
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