4v4 King of the Hill

Map Description

  1. Cardnal
    This map was incredibly difficult to make playable, due to object limits.

    Built using the lines and drawings on the walls of the underground of Sandbox, this massive map can only be played with 8 max players due to the limitations of Halo 3's Forge.

    The map consists of two large structures with plenty of ways to access the higher levels of both while remaining in cover, with plenty of areas designed for battle encounters, a midsection between both main structures playing as a no-mans land and holds the Energy Sword, the garage-like structure holds the Rocket Launcher while the other holds plenty of cover, and a Sniper Rifle, a Tube located in the furthest back on the second floor of the Garage holds a Bruteshot.

    This map is meant for 4v4 matches of Slayer, with the added gametype, FFA King of the Hill for variety. Due to the Limitations of Halo 3's Forge, I was only able to add this gametype, hopefully, in the future, I'll be able to add more however this is unlikely.

    To download go open your roster click on your profile, then click on find player, search my Gamertag (Cardnal) and click on Fileshare!
    And you got it!!


    -Slayer 4v4
    -Slayer Doubles
    -Slayer FFA
    -FFA King of the Hill



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