Moa Fields

4v4 Custom

Map Description

  1. Yami
    This Map was inspired by Halo Reach. It supports 8 players, 4v4.
    Played with the Husky Raid Gametype.

    The UNSC (Red Team) vs Reach's civilians (Blue Team) are in a civil war. Keep an eye out for a few easter eggs, nothing too crazy.

Recent Reviews

  1. this map is really quite good looking. the reach theme is well done an the map has a great vibe to it. the houses are excellent and the moa's are really cool but i think it would really have livened up the map if they had been scripted to move. the rain adds a lot of atmosphere but i think if you had made it dynamic weather it could have added another layer to the map. the farm wall and fence look really nice as well but could have been better if you add a little variation in them since they look a little too repeated. i really like the map it was really quite nice.


  1. hamish-k

    hamish-k ODST

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    looks great the halo reach feel is spot on and sweet little detail all around

    Remember Reach
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  2. Yami

    Yami Spartan I

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    :) Thank you, glad I nailed the Reach feeling.
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