MnV Pac Man


Map Description

  1. munk07
    Created by munk07 and Amor de Venom

    MnV Pac Man
    (4 vs 1)

    4 players are ghosts and 1 player is Pac Man.

    As much as everyone likes big custom game lobbies, this map is meant for 5 players only.

    The 4 Ghosts are actually warthogs with colored markers on them

    The 1 Pac Man is a above the map/maze looking down controlling the Pac Man block with their movements.

    The PacMan simply walks into the 10 dots around the map to win the round, while avoiding the Ghosts that are trying to run into the Pac Man

    Pac Man is above the map/maze which means the player must look down to play the map properly. So please look down!

    This map went through a lot of iterations until I decided it was time to post it. I thought it would be great to use ghosts as the Ghosts, but sadly they move faster than I wanted the game to go.

    Simply collect the dots to win or kill Pac Man.

    Use the gamemode with the same name as the map.

    Map Link

    Gamemode Link

    (These links work better)

    Criticism is always welcome!
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