MnV Jenga 2018


Map Description

  1. munk07
    Inspired by the classic Halo 3 Jenga.

    This map is Our version of the Jenga infection game mode.

    In this version, there are 4 towers made of wood Jenga blocks. The Humans must survive for as long a possible. Points are earned by duration while being alive.

    When you die, you become infected and respawn unlike other Jengas. This allows for fast paced games and people not losing patience in between rounds.

    The Infected have the Voids Tear and the Delta H2 Beam rifle. There are also switches all along the map that launch boxes at the Jenga Towers. Launching the blocks do massive damage but the infected can use the black hole from their weapons to either pull pieces or players off the tower.

    Please use the custom game mode provided.


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