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    THIS IS NO ORDINARY GOLF! Overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, hit golf shots, and defeat bosses in this adventure course across 18 holes. Travel across the coast, the sea, underwater, desert, mountains, and even space in your wild quest. This is a direct sequel to the 5-level series Golf World Adventure (GWA) on Halo 4 and the 10-level Golf World Challenge (GWC) series on Halo Reach. Play with 1-4 players coop, same team, and you must use the Golf World Quest gametype.

    If you beat the level, please bookmark your theater video and let me know. It will give me feedback for updates.

    This is the last level in the Golf World Quest series for Halo 5. There are additional series on Halo 4 and Reach.


    After previously defeating the Comedy Elder Dragon, you are pulled through a mysterious portal and end up in a strange new world. You wake up in an abandoned vessel, look out the window, and realize you are in space! You walk over to the ship’s console and download the database to your log book. You discover this is the G.F.S Olympus-class battleship of the Galactic Federation. The crew was in search of Space Pirate facilities rumored to be recreating the environments of Tallon IV—Magmoor Caverns, Phendrana Drifts, and the Tallon Overworld. The Space Pirates were also thought to have moved some of Skytown’s zipline cable transportation system from Elysia into space. Months ago, the Space Pirates ambushed the Olympus and stripped its resources to help construct their colony.

    The Pirates are reconstructing micro-climates orbiting the planet Elysia in order to obtain necessary resources to continue their biological experiments and wreak havoc on the galaxy. The dreaded Omni Parasite Overlord (Experiment #42) is one such completed specimen. It is powering these operations and shielding the climates from the harshness of space. Access to the Overlord is currently blocked by a strong shield but the Chozo may have left some space relics behind to assist you. The Olympus’ ship sensors display that in a matter of hours, the Overlord will unleash its mega planetary beam on Elysia! Suddenly your ship comes under attack. Scanners indicate it is the feared CaptainDireBeast, an incarnation of Ridley. Samus Aran is nowhere to be seen; looks like you will have to do the work for her. Escape the Olympus, defeat the CaptainDireBeast, make your way to the rail system, navigate Tallon’s worlds, defeat the Overlord Guardian, and save the planet of Elysia!


    - First, solve the puzzles and obstacles to get to the tee areas! You’ll probably notice some inspirations from Metroid, Zelda, Skyrim, Mario, and Donkey Kong games.

    - Golf Ball physics have changed with the last update and you must be closer to the ball! For hitting golf shots, it is still best to stand still. Looking further down at the ball will hit it higher and looking up at the ball will hit it lower. Put your Spartan’s face in the balls (heyo) and you’ll hit your shots further.

    - Some Metroid bosses require to be weakened by shooting them multiple times....

    - Try to find the hidden Samus doll...

    - You may have to look and think a little, but it shouldn’t be too cryptic on where you need to hit the ball. The zoom function will help out. You will know when you have made a good shot (although be patient) and you can proceed in the map.

    - In the puzzle sections, you will have to look and interact with things similar to other puzzle levels on this site. Some parts are non-linear.

    - Constructive comments are welcome especially if you find flaws not mentioned above. Enjoy!


    - To Bul1etCatcher for creating puzzles/scripting for me.

    - Omni42’s maps are amazing and gave me a lot of inspiration to do a Metroid themed map. And his prefabs helped a bit. If only I was not limited by a budget and could add the full music....

    - Squid's and Comedy Aerosol's puzzle maps are especially stunning and I've learned a lot from them. The Halo puzzle community is a fairly small niche, compared to the typical slayer games. Thanks for all those who have made maps as I have learned from them.

    - All of the prefabs were modified mainly due to budget constraints, but an initial big thanks to:

    Metroid (picture): SilentTakeDOwn
    Metroid save stations, Prime doors, 3 Chozo (Eiodolons), Torvus map room, Phendrana platform, and Samus doll: Omni42

    Epic Spaceship: PridyWolf
    Alien: Daemon Knight
    Open rock area and platform: Unknown (sorry couldn’t find your work again)
    Rocky cave: RisingODST
    Overlord: FatalRaptor2607
    Samus ship (drivable phantom): WyvernZu

    Thank you very much!

    - My video skills are lacking. If anyone is willing to compile a video on YouTube, that would be great. I have some DVRs, but haven’t quite figured out how to compile them, make ‘em fancy into a video.

    - My frustration with the old phantom script bug almost caused me to quit my first map after 40+ hours into forge and I had to start over, but I’m glad I followed through. Now a full 18 hole course exists! Thank you for the continued support over the multiple Halo games which has inspired me to make the Golf World series.

    - The Mainstreamers are hilarious and really passionate about what they do. So are SquidLoaf and the Comedy Team. I really hope they get to play this map.


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    I've been waiting for this...
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    Here is a guide to the level, but I highly recommend you use only if you are really stuck. Note that this doesn't cover everything, but it does go over some of the more tricky sections.

    FOR ANY GOLF SHOTS, read the above advice. Ultimately, you just have to keep trying and adjusting angles until you get it.

    There are two sections of the ship which involve turning off the shields. Your status is tracked by the green/red bars in the flight deck:

    A. Drop outside shields. In order to do so, you need to destroy 3 fusion coils inside.
    - Top level inside flight deck vent
    - Middle level behind vent
    - Bottom level above port stairwell. However, the Space Pirates hold the shield to this. You first must activate a creature’s distress signal to call them. Destroy one of the capsule tanks. Once interacted, defeat the Space Pirates by shooting them in the head. Then the shield will drop.

    B. Drop generator shield. In order to override the inside generator shield, there are 4 red switches on the outside of the hull.
    - Right outside the flight deck
    - In the large gun construct starboard side
    - Middle level towards the front of the ship. You can see it from the portside large gun looking towards the middle.
    - Aft of the ship above the engines.

    Then destroy the generator inside the ship and make your way to the very front of the ship.

    - You must lower his shield by shooting his tail multiple times in a row.
    - Once dropped, then hit the balls at the targets. 3 different times.

    - Take the ghost from the aft of the ship. Boost from the middle off the starboard wing. When you get to the crate, boost across as its reaching its peak. You must be in the ghost to activate the Robotics sign.

    - In the second section, shoot the red coil to activate the 2 missiles and blue to return them. Navigate your ghost around the obstacles. You must bounce to the other missile halfway. Again, you must reach the end in the ghost.

    - The system takes you to each of Tallon IV’s reconstructed worlds. These are short but difficult obstacles. There is a checkpoint immediately following. It’s all about boost timing/direction and shooting accurately. Practice. For the blue side, take 4 boost powerups for the jumps.

    - You will notice a large orange shield with numbers. Each of the Chozo relics you activate will be indicated here and the shield to the final area will drop when all are triggered.

    - The pistons move up and down, some at different rates. You will have to time them. Clamber will kill you in the lava.

    - When it seems there is a dead end, look up and to the left for a fusion coil to destroy.

    - For the sideways pistons, this can be tricky with the timing. There are two techniques; you can jump onto the side area that flaps out when fully extended; this cannot be clambered. Or you can kind of jump around and clamber from the front.

    - Like Metroid, you need specific weapons to open non-blue doors. Continue to the top to reach it. Hit the switch there to activate a lift checkpoint.

    - You have to ball walk precisely. This is a skill that you must be very patient about. Rushing it rarely succeeds here. Walk it through the 5 goals to get the weapon to open the red door. Checkpoint halfway.

    - Hitting the switch in the Pelican and then the switch in the cargo container will call the Space Pirates.

    - Fight time! These Space Pirates must be shot in their jetpacks to destroy. Getting behind them is the best way to do this. Keep moving and shooting or you will get decimated. Destroying them will lower the big rock.

    - For the golf shot, fairly low key. Must hit the end of the Red Chozo’s fire staff to activate.

    - From exploration, you will find a red door. Need Magmoor’s weapon to open and obtain the Chozo Scatterweapon (needed later).

    - Sound puzzle. From the markings on the wall, there are two plants with arrows. This indicates the correct order is from low to high plant height.

    - Search the cave and interact with each of the plants to hear a note. Put the corresponding plant notes in the correct height order and the rock will drop.

    - Grab the map, but be careful. The plants will start attacking you. Shoot them multiple times in their mouth and keep moving.

    - There is a shield on top of the room. You must solve the ball puzzle to proceed. This one is all about precise timing. Each of the switches raises its corresponding platform at a different rate to allow the ball to cross. Generically speaking you want to hit the middle, left, and then right. Once solved, shield will drop.

    - Jump up the plants to get to the golf shot. Fairly simple here, hit the Green Chozo’s shield.

    - The first area has 3 fusion coils which power the shield. One is directly underneath the next door, one is in the breakable rock area, and one is up high on a rock.

    - Once the shield is dropped, you will notice a yellow door. You need the Chozo scattershot from the Tallon Cave to proceed.

    - The trick here is to move the ball forward, left, and right. There is no back button. The ball will roll after the interact movement is finished depending on the slope, so you will want to take that into account. If you have 2 or more people, it helps to have a spotter.

    - The golf shot concept is basic, but can be tricky to pull off. You’ll have to jump and precisely aim as the pistons rise to hit the Blue Chozo’s shield.

    - Finally made it to this dreaded creature after activating all of the Chozo relics. You must drop his shield using the Light Rifle. As the floor decal indicates, shoot his eyes. The best location is from the decal itself and you will have to do it multiple times.

    - When the shield is down, that is your chance to hit his weak points with the golf balls while avoiding his attacks. You will have to do so 4 times. Not easy. You will periodically climb during this fight.

    - Once at the top, you will have the Missile Launcher. The design on the floor essentially indicates you must curve your shot around to hit the fusion coil on the back of his head. If you haven’t used this weapon before, you must zoom in to control the missile movement. Once done, finish him off in the mouth.

    - Once in the final room with the Space Elevator billboard, you will have to parkour up in a timely manner as the lava rises. You will have to destroy some things on the way so bring a weapon.

    - Destroy the death ray at the top and escape in your ship!

    - Try to find the hidden Samus doll. Hint: Look all around rocky cliff areas.
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