Missile Impossible


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  1. shaudy430
    Missile Impossible is a Halo 4 Linear Infection Plague/Salvation remake. The goal is to use teamwork as you make your way through 7 Phases, and ultimately disarm the Missile facility before being escorted to safety by a Pelican.

    Map creator: b0b is here
    Spartan Company: Forge Factory
    Map Name: Missile Impossible
    Gametype: Infection: Linear Infection
    Gametype Name: Missile Impossible

    Game Description: This is a practical map, using buttons, doors, and blockers; you will loop back through the map towards the end. You must either select/shoot the button/explosive to activate the door/elevator. To engage the Pelican during the final phase, direct fire towards the explosive above the visual cue 'upward arrows'. Good luck making it to the end. Send me your epic finale clips.

    Gametype Description Spartans: 5 hits until death for Spartans. Infinite AR/SMG starts; No Weapon Drop/ Power Weapon Drop. Halo 4 settings; Spartans can Sprint and Thrust only; Spartans can reload while in Sprint; Spartans can 1-hit melee Infected. Jump disabled; NO JUMP. Ability to be Assassinated disabled.

    Gametype Description Infected: 2 Thrust. Sprint enabled. Slide enabled. Clamber enabled. Jump enabled. Headshot disabled. Ability to Assassinate Spartans disabled.

    **Map has been updated with navigation markers.**


  1. thrillerkillers

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    I remember testing this with ya, it was fun =) I am guessing you have done a lot of work on it since then?
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  2. xXBarthXx

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    I've yet to play this, put from your gameclips I've seen this looks like a lot of fun! Maybe we can play it sometime soon? ;)
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