2v2 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Nobodhi
    Edit: Pillars from red and blue base have been removed for fluidity of movement and ease of sightlines. Watch your step signs added to the entrance of each aquarium (too many players were unintentionally going for a swim), minor aesthetic clean up and piece removal to reduce/eliminate framerate issues.

    Inverse symmetrical and designed for fast-paced, competitive gameplay. Loaded with jump-ups and tactical sightlines, favoring players that can predict their opponent's movement and cut them off at the pass.

    Shout out to Arco and Bleach for helping test and fine tune.


  1. munk07

    munk07 ODST

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    Just based on the pictures, the color and architecture looks sick. I'll bookmark this and check it out later.
    The color saturation is better fit to realism than that of cartoon. Its nice to look at screenshots and wonder, "Is this real life?". Nice job.

    Edit: Is it available to be bookmarked?
  2. Nobodhi

    Nobodhi Marine

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    Thank you for the kind words. It is now available to be bookmarked. Edits have been made to optimize gameplay and reduce/eliminate framerate issues.

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