8v8 Custom

Map Description

  1. Ivan Diaz
    "Next time take better care on your aircraft carriers"

    WORLD WAR BATTLESHIP game mode required

    The teams spawn in aircraft carriers located at each end of the map, the first thing that will be seen both teams are 2 weapons platforms, one with a SAW and the other with a Rocket Launcher, these will reappear immediately so that all of the team have this equipment.

    The other two things you will see are 3 portals and airplanes, the 3 portals lead to each team ship. Each ship has a scorpion (with which the ship can be driven) and 2 warthogs, one with a gauss in front and other with an oni machine gun in the rear.

    The aircraft carriers (No drivable) are protected with invisible bulletproof shields and the respawns to, the portals also have team barriers in case any enemy player reaches the portals of the ships.
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