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  1. Perfectum
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    A relic, frozen in time, of a dark side of warfare and the steps any side will take to win. Not unlike the humans, the Covenant have tried altering the physical forms of its peoples. However this just might be their most ambitious and widely hidden experiment. Seeing the deadly efficacy of mixing a colony of Lekgolo with armor plating and plasma, the Covenant wanted to expand upon this. This resulted in the production of two sister ships, made entirely of Lekgolo. Genetically modified to grow a thousand times their normal size and covered with the same armor as a Covenant Cruiser, these ships were meant to be unstoppable. Capable of thinking for themselves and reacting with unmatched speed for ships their size. However the experiment went horribly wrong. On their first voyage, everything was fine until they slip jumped. Upon exiting, one of the ships took a comet to the stern, killing the colony instantly. It drifted until it was pulled into the gravity of a nearby ice covered planet. Crashing upon its surface. The twin ship, having seen its partner die, went into anguish and flew itself, with all of its crew on board, straight into the nearest star. The Covenant realized they did not account for one very crucial factor when building the twin ships, and that is, emotion. The living ship could not continue to live on without its mate, and that emotional factor can never be figured into any equation. With that, the Covenant scrapped the project altogether. With the only evidence of this mad experiment being slowly buried, inch by inch, day by day, on that cold desolate planet. Such an icey grave for such a mighty Mgalekgolo.

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  1. icyhotspartin

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    I like your lore, cool use of the enemy class
  2. Perfectum

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    Thank you, thought I might have gone overboard with the description lol

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