Meta Wave

4v4 Custom

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  1. Randy 355
    I passed out some night making a core 4v4 map in forge while listening to some synthwave mix on YouTube. When I woke up, this was in my files. Please Forge responsibly.

    Meta Wave is a non-traditional Husky Raid map with an Outrun theme. The map design was to include some crazy features to add to the chaos. For example, this map has two Damage Boosts, an Overshield, two Gungoose vehicles, and a lift at each base that shoots you directly to the other teams base. Surely, after reading that, you realize this is the pinnacle of level design.

    The map has tested well and is a lot of fun! To get the full Meta Wave experience, I'd suggest listening to some synthwave music at the same time if you're into that sort of thing.


  1. CertifiedChamp

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    You did the floor stripes, nice
  2. DrDreidelBerg

    DrDreidelBerg ONI Agent

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    One of the few times ive seen breakout floor and did not immediately hate it.

    Not sure how it looks in game, but it at least looks pretty cool in screenshots. Not sure how I feel about the sides of the giant breakout blocks being visable though, it looks like it just kinda falls off into nothingness which kinda hurts the look and feel.

    I will look at it in forge and offer more criticism.
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  3. Mags

    Mags Promethean
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    I can hear the 80's wave retro synth music now.
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