2v2 Custom

Map Description

  1. FRED lllll
    It is a long way down...

    This map is designed for no more than 4 players.

    A map remaking the quake like Multiplayer experience of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The map only is designed to work with this minigame mode for health pickups and non-regenerating health. Walk through Health Pickups to gain health. The blue tubes give you 1 of three random powerups:
    1] Red: Vampirism
    2] Gold: Bottomless Clip
    3] Blue: Cloak

    the Orange Orbs throw you across the map

    The yellow and purple orbs heal you:
    Yellow = 50%
    Purple = 15% ish...

    All art was done by @Omni42


    (Will try to update with players dropping health pickups on death)

    Play with this music in the background for best experience:


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