Mbaraki District

4v4 Grifball

Map Description

  1. ReinaStorm
    Vergil keeps watch over New Mombasa after the slipspace event during Halo 2.
    ODSTs are dropped into the city on an unknown mission from Captain Dare.
    The Covenant still have a tight grip on the city.
    Stealth is a must...

    ...but we all know Grifball isn't quiet!

    Taking the challenge of building on a non-Forge World canvas, and to build a map with the tone of Halo 3 ODST's noir feeling, I crafted this map with special love.

    A Phantom flies overhead before the match begins, scouting for any survivors.

    Virgil, the A.I. Superintendent of New Mombasa is the referee for this spontaneous game of Grifball on the streets.
    He supports both teams with goofy faces depending on what's going on.

    Neutral Face for standard feelings.
    Angry Face for when players of the enemy team are close to your team's goal.
    Worried Face for when the enemy team is one point away from winning.

    Vergil also keeps score for both teams as the match plays.
    (He keeps score until that match is over. Once I figure out how to get him to display 5 points properly, he will keep score just right.)

    This map took some time to concept and get just right.
    I really wasn't sure how to get the street layout right, but a little bit of soul searching around on H3:ODST got me a great locale.

    This isn't based on any particular street in the game, but I used some key visuals to really grab the look of New Mombasa.

    I'm happy the way this map has come out and I hope everyone enjoys the map as much as I did making it!


  1. Yekkou

    Yekkou Yellow, but with "kk"s
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    Were there no lighting issues building up there? When I tried building, the global lighting would randomly break through walls. That was a while ago, so maybe the update changed things. Looks great by the way!
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  2. Ryouji Gunblade

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    My favorite part is that Vergil changes emotions based on the context.
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  3. ReinaStorm

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    I didn't have any lighting issues. There wasn't any lighting technically.
    There is a minor, wide square light on the ground that follows around the player but it's not noticeable during gameplay unless you look for it. It's very dull and soft.

    (I think as long as it's an "outside-y" map lighting shouldn't be a major problem.)

    I built this actually way below the map. There wasn't enough room up top to build the map. Pieces liked to randomly despawn and I didn't like the skyline view where you could see the city backdrop from up there. It was too high.
    My only problem building so low below the map was seeing up under and through the tower. Had to build a building high enough to block it from all "in-map sightlines".
    But down below there was a ton of room to build before I hit kill-zones.

    What would this map be without everyone's favorite A.I. subroutine showing emotions?
  4. ReinaStorm

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    ReinaStorm updated Mbaraki District with a new update entry:

    Vergil Reboot

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  5. xNFx Monsta

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    looks really cool!
  6. Faulk Smash

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    This looks clean.

    Props for using Eden's natural out of bounds buildings. I know people did that in previous titles (mountains outside of H2A's "Awash"), but I feel like I don't see a lot of maps utilize it, and although the resolution of the buildings/structures are very low (as they're outside of the map and not meant to be seen up close), they (in my opinion) still give off a more natural feel then a forged building will ever give off, and saves on object count. Those buildings with the night time setting also compliment ODST's theme as well (as you obviously meant to do with it)...

    I don't know lol. I just like how it looks and I feel like using prebuilt map elements like that isn't as appreciated as it should be. :l
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