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    A Mario Kart 64 battle arena homage. Play with game type "Mario Kart 64 Balloon Battle". Teams of two only.

    I remember Block Fort being the first level I ever played in a video game so I decided to remake it for Halo.

    This remake adds several twists on the classic N64 map, including various gravity lifts and a target locator that spawns in the center of the map.
    There are also four custom powerups which the gunners can pickup to activate infinite clip.

    Supported Game Types: (*MCC Custom Browser Settings Below*)
    - Mario Kart 64 Balloon Battle

    - Rocket Race

    - Rally

    How to Download (2021)
    Time Stamp 3:40

    How to Download XBOX (2021)

    Map may have issues with MCC's custom game browser team system. For custom browser pre game settings, I advise setting required players to start to 8, and using the roster menu options to arrange each player that joins to their own separate team during the pre game lobby.
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    This looks like a lot of fun! Great recreation from the look of the screenshots. Gonna have to check it out.

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