2v2 Slayer

Map Description

    *This is a submission to the "2v2 Throwdown Map Contest."

    As a look back towards older Halo titles, "Malta" is a loose design borrowing from the first mission of "Halo 2," "Cairo Station". The map makes use of key jump-ups from a central pillar in one atrium, a close-quarters room with an elevator and competing power positions from red side to blue. Players must be aware of timing, positioning and weapon control, like most other maps.

Recent Reviews

  1. This map has changed a bunch since the start of forge. With the reintroduction of scripting with many more possibilities we can pull off, Stone took it upon himself to experiment with some interesting ideas. In the end, he pulled off an interesting mechanic that pulled the players toward the over shield by making it more obvious and literally more dangerous to grab when it had spawned as the platform it spawns on lowers. In addition, there is an automatic elevator that was at first pretty slow and reliable. However, I now constantly catch myself as well as others using it with ease. In addition, the power weapons do not dominate gameplay but rather force players to adjust their playstyles a bit to find a way to counter them, as no position is truly safe from getting flanked. I've had many fun matches on this map, although I'm pretty bad at doubles... Awesome job Stone & good luck in the contest!


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