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    The core of this planet is theorized to be a twisting matrix of many different gems and crystals.


    I present to you my second entry in the extermination contest. I tried going against the grain a little bit with this and worked very hard to bring a unique experience to the new game mode. This map is display to my patented crystal cave theme and plays similarly to a classic arena type such as midship and the like. As always I hope to immerse the player into the environment of my map with pain staking attention to detail and imaginative visuals. Please enjoy!


    So this map is symmetrical and is a bit different from what has become what you would call a normal layout for extermination. And the difference is simple. It's bigger and it's 3 lanes. I made this map to be the max limit of the size suggested in the extermination guidelines thread. 256x256 initial playtests made it clear why this was a difficult thing to accomplish with the extermination game mode. Many rounds were ending in ties and the ones that didn't lasted way to long. The middle areas was a power position and it was too easy to camp and hide. So the way I balanced the vast scale of the map was by making it very open while still keeping it 3 lanes. But the 3rd lane (being the middle) is a large death pit with a few sneaky clambers, multi-tier platforms, and ledges. This makes the area technically a traversable lane. The small rock and plant covers around the map are only big enough to just barely fit behind. So by hovering you can easily headshot a hiding/crouching last man standing.


    In addition to some layout tweaks, the weapons on the map play a major role in balancing it. Subsequently if everybody decides to just use magnums and ARs the entire time you will still get ties. I specifically put weapons on the map that would benefit from the sight lines and ultimately kill quicker. They are as follows

    2 Magnums (gun fighter)
    2 of each grenade
    1 needler
    1 DMR (45 second respawn)
    1 hydra (2 clips, 45 second respawn)

    There the hydra and needler benefit especially from the layout and scale. It is small enough to where they lock onto targets from most areas but open enough to where your shots don't miss or hit cover objects a lot

    The weapon pad is host to a sniper (no extra shots, 60 second repawn) and there are not one but two speed boosts on the map. The speed boosts help cycle through the lanes quickly enough to get quick kills and out run last man standing. Each team spawns with one but it's pretty hilarious if you manage to grab 2 at the same time. Also the sniper rifle was originally a rail gun with 1 extra shot so if you are not a fan of the sniper I would suggest using that because that also played well.


    As with Gypsum
    and Obsidian, the theme is a crystal cave on what is supposed to be the same uncharted planet the those maps take place on. The different colored insects plants and crystals indicate which side of the map you are on, red or blue. The waterfall and the cave opening with moonlight shining in indicates what lane you are in. The lighting is Though not to the point were you become disoriented. Take in the beauty of this alien world!

    Side notes

    Because this was posted before the contest deadline it is subject to change before that time. Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you enjoy!

    Special thanks to iForge and HSFN and all the forgehub lobbies for countless playtesting :forgehub::monitor::evil::forge:
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