4v4 Slayer

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  1. Arpod
    Everyone remembers the classic map Wizard from halo CE, which was redone in halo 2 as Warlock, and brought back fully updated as Warlord in halo 2 anniversary, and was recreated by the amazing forger Foge in halo 5's forge as Thaumaturge, using the block out of that map provided to me from him, I present to you Magus! This is the same scale layout of his map since I used the strictly block out from it, but with a completely different theme made original to my forging style. Jump in and check out this version. Also please check out the amazing remakes in Foge's files too. He is in a league of his own with his forging skills and deserves so much credit for his work. This map is setup for team slayer, FFA slayer, CTF, oddball, and strongholds.


  1. derekd

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    the ambience is insane bro, I like it a lot.
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