Map Description

  1. UnknownEmerald
    Magmastone is the name of a castle built inside a volcano. Lava flows through the city and it's surroundings and it lights up the walls of this stronghold. Unbreachable by land and nearly impossible to reach by sky and yet a threat emerges from deep inside of this volcano.


    Adding yet another infection map to my collection, Magmastone is a theme I haven't done before. Having Molten/Hellfire being the only infection map with lava, I wanted to see if I can build another one from scratch.
    The map offers a sentinel beam, vorpal talon, CE pistol and boltshot variant as the main power weapons for standard infection.


    There are a few other themes I'd like to explore in the future such as a desert, space station and an underwater map, but all in due time. Want to make sure I'm in top shape for when Infinite drops :D