m808b production

4v4 Capture the Flag

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  1. lNeedMoreBleach
    unsc scorpion construction facility design for husky raid.
    the maps has two scripted aesthetic areas where armored panels and tanks will travel though outer spaces of the map.

    (bob is here) helped me with some on the maps scripting so a big thanks to him.

Recent Reviews

  1. brusky0086 brusky0086
    Fantastic art and doors gives a one hallway Gametype a lot of immersion and sweaty games.Great Job.
  2. b0b is here b0b is here
    Quite the impressive feat he pulled off here. My only complaint is that the doors don't stay open for longer, but other than that this is a 5 star map here. Glad I could help with some scripting.


  1. D4rk

    D4rk Spartan I
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    Looks excellent, even if I am not a fan of the game mode.
  2. Yami

    Yami Spartan I

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    I think I stared at the moving parts behind the glass for a good 5 minutes haha. The Map feels very much alive and has alot of detail. As someone with scorpion as their star sign, I appreciate this. :)
  3. Sins of Truth

    Sins of Truth ONI Agent

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  4. lNeedMoreBleach

    lNeedMoreBleach Spartan I
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    lNeedMoreBleach updated m808b production with a new update entry:


    Read the rest of this update entry...
  5. MartianMallCop

    MartianMallCop Spartan II
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    This art is actually really damn good. Great attention to detail. Reminds me a bit of Foundry from Doom. Great job . There's definitely some talent behind this one.

    But the name is awful honestly. Letters and numbers don't read very smoothly. They are at least better to have at the end of the name so a player can say "let's play Production" rather than pausing a bit to skip over the letters in their mind. But I'd also say "Production" is pretty vague. To really give context to the environment I think it'd be best to give it a name that has to do with the type of production that is being done here. In this case, building tanks. Potentially it could be cool to give the map a name specifically involving tanks. Like the movie Fury has a single word that gets the idea of firepower across. Could potentially be something like "The War Machine", "Cogs of War", uh "Conflict Construction" idk... Like I think this theme has potential that'd be served better by a cool name. maybe look into names of historic tanks too

    Edit: I think I like Wrath or Might as options for this
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  6. lNeedMoreBleach

    lNeedMoreBleach Spartan I
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    m808b is the in lore model number for scorpions. The name is basically scorpion production. its a fair point, their just wasn't any good names i could think of that represented the map.
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  7. WAR

    WAR Cartographer
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    This map was one of our top 10 considerations in the recent Husky Raid Contest. All of the judges haver their own opinions on each map; however, I wanted to personally share my own with you in case it would be helpful or constructive. If there are any negatives please remind yourself that we needed to heavily scrutinize in order to process our eliminations to a 1st place winner. Congrats on making it on our top 10 list!

    Overall Impressions:

    - One of the best 'industrial' themed human environemnts
    - Detail rich environment art with great craftsmanship and thoughtful piece usage
    - Space feels confined and cluttersome at times - perhaps too busy?
    - Very impressive skybox / surrounding environment art. I love the production line of the moving tanks.
    - Well defined lighting in general

    Technical Issues:
    - Confusion on interactive switch inside elevator at red base. Is this functional?
    - Increase activation zone radius for scripted mechanical doors. Players are caught waiting for them to open when approached too quickly. Alternatively, they could be scripted to open a bit faster.
    - Ceiling height inside tunnel bottom mid is a bit low and players can bump their heads on the lights above them.
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  8. GreyMuffinBass

    GreyMuffinBass Spartan I

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    This is excellent, the only fallback on gameplay that I have seen is that the tunnel seems to be too narrow. It is fine the way it is, but blast weapons are overpowering the others. (which is the norm in Husky) I feel it would be a little more fun if you could once in a while dodge a blast :p
    I am in love with the aesthetics and really like the base layout. Everything about the geometry is excellent for gameplay and I really enjoy all the visuals in this map.
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