LIVE FIRE [Infinite Remake]

4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. UnknownEmerald
    Live Fire is a remake of one of the maps shown during the E3 multiplayer showcase. We got to see about 80% of the map and with a bit of adjustment I filled in the remaining sections with what would make most sense to be there.
    In the trailer we saw weapons such as the sniper rifle, gravity hammer, needler, plasma pistol and the battle rifle as well as an armor ability which issued the A.I. to say "Let's do some damage" so I simply placed a damage boost in it's place.
    The map currently supports slayer only, but I'm working on getting strongholds and ctf to work with it also. Alpha zombies works surprisingly well also.
    I hope you enjoy this remake and I feel another one brewing.
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  1. icyhotspartin

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    I think you should change the railing colors to a more orangey yellow for the sake of faithfulness
    Pretty cool

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