Lightning Escape

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  1. GamerPeepFreaks
    Lightning Escape is a race map I have made for Ducain23's Point-to-Point race contest in April of this year.

    As expected, it is a point-to-point race (no laps) and uses Ducain23's Mongoose Race Gametype which can be found in his bookmarks or in the link attached for gametype.

    It is a 17 checkpoint race and includes the checkpoint fix so that checkpoints do not disappear from other players. Use mongoose as the vehicle.

    Includes tons of scripting to ensure that not all of the lightning strikes at once. Best experienced with Buck as your announcer.

    I hope people catch the vibe of "race or die" with this map even though it's not the case, I really tried to capture that with activated sounds and FX.

    Enjoy :)

    PS: I promise there is a TON of lightning on this map, it's just hard to catch in a photo lol
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