Light Blend


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  1. Kenjamin1 MI
    Light Blend

    Mayhem RACE for up to 16 drivers. Drive the line between shadow and light towards ultimate victory, and eliminate those that drive in your way.

    Built on Tidal (meteor shower) using multiple starting paths which 'blend' into each other, then narrow as you approach the glowing cube...

    Pretty much everything is glowing, the terrain transition between laps is not, so you can rest your eyes before flooring-it through one of two entrances to the next lap. (Lap time averages about 35 sec.) Set score to 40 for this 8 checkpoint race map.

    Includes teleporters, ...plan on landing a jump.

    Inspired a bit by the round-based "Drag Race" style maps you may have tried with friends. Get 7 buddies on Gungooses and drop this on customs night. See who rules this track.

    EASY - use any mongoose
    NORMAL - use the ONI Gungoose *recommended
    HEROIC - use any Warthog
    LEGENDARY - use the Rally Hog *(can do 40 chkpts in less than 3 min.)

    PLEASE NOTE - The really cool retro-pole position-esque effect the emissive blocks give the track requires small gaps between pieces. These gaps are 90 degree hard corners that can impede movement if hit at strange angles. If you cut a corner and hang a wheel off the edge, you run a risk. The warthogs have jagged undercarriages and can land, bounce, flip unexpectedly.
    **The Rally Hog is very fast, tires are filled with helium, and gets epic air off bunny-jumps. Use caution.
    Drive safe everybody!

    Cheers, JAMN

    **UPDATE - I made minor adjustments to the sending teleporters, drivers should get better exits.
    At game Start, drivers 1 thru 8 will spawn at the top of the ramps, drivers 9-16 should spawn in the terrain transition behind them.
    This map has checkpoints, but does not have markers, it does not have a 3-2-1 count or start gate. The chkpt sound is not connected to the race brain tree, you have collected 8 checkpoints each time you pass thru the doors (1 lap).


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    This looks sexy :)
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