Life is Strange


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  1. GrayishPoppy210
    I thought about giving this map a story but nothing really makes sense so please interpret the weird puzzles in your own way...

    This map was a lot of fun to build although I definitely dragged it out towards the end, finishing the environment long before adding all the puzzles. Various puzzles use a mechanic that resembles your ability to reverse time in Life is Strange with powerups following the player which upon interaction may reset puzzles etc. The map also uses one puzzle that is meant to be like
    the ability you have to visit past memories etc. via photos to change the future.

    Getting into the school -
    this map uses a time rewind mechanic
    enter the building setting of the alarm. once out of sight of the camera activate the powerup to reverse time to before the alarm went off

    Getting into the science class -
    match the patterns on the wall with the lockers
    Find the pattern of lockers that matches the pattern of coloured squares on the wall and interact with the locker which is circled on the pattern. This will reveal a new pattern. This one is upside down so look for the pattern but flipped. Interacting with this locker reveal the final pattern. There are no brown lockers, what you actually must interact with I'd the door between the correct pattern of lockers. This opens the science lab

    Getting into the principal's office -
    create something in the science lab to blow up the door
    First find the coins behind the orange soda machine to buy a blue soda from the blue machine. Interract with this and take it to the lab and interact to place in large container. Now collect red and add this to create your explosive mixture (note: can add red and blue in either order). Interact outside the door to the office and step back to avoid being killed by the explosion. The explosion will set of the alarm. Enter the office and reverse time to reset the puzzle with you inside the office. Now just find the button to open the door.

    Entering the classroom-
    there's a key up in the tree outside (Shame you can't jump)
    Find the small plant outside and plant it in the principal's flowerpot in his office. Come back later to find it now as a bush. Take this back outside a place in the spot of dirt near the big tree. Stand on this patch and wait for a tree to grow beneath you allowing you to reach the button that opens the classroom. If you fall of the tree reverse time and wait for it to grow again.

    Entering the darkroom-
    Enter the painting to enter your memory and find a way out of the room from the inside
    interact with the painting in the classroom to enter your memory of being trapped in the darkroom
    by your psycho photography teacher - Mr Jefferson
    . Hit your captor in the back of the head to knock them down and obtain the key. Use this on the door and it'll be open when you return to the future. You only have 30 seconds to do this.

    Finishing off-
    You need to hide the body
    Enter the now open darkroom. Interact with the body but also one of the cupboards (here you'll find a grenade). Use the magnum in the principal's office to shoot the dodgy vent in the hall and throw a grenade through it to open the janitors closet. Here you'll find a shovel. Now it's as simple as going to the larger mound of dirt outside, interacting once to dig a grave and then once more to bury the body...

    Make sure to use the linked gametype, "Life is Strange" and please report any feedback/scripting bugs or issues. All my power channels are a mess!
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