Legowars: Micro Machines

4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Perfectum
    Any kid who grew up in the 90's will appreciate this nod to nostalgia.
    There is no weapon placements due to an item limit. However there is grenades, power ups and vehicles. Slayer, FFA, Strongholds, and CTF all super fiesta are supported on this map. I recommend tweaking the settings to allow grenades and power ups. All the vehicles are maxed or unique variants to counter balance fiesta weapons. All lego pegs are covered with blockers EXCEPT any peg that is a solo dot. This is due to item budget. I hope all enjoy this map, it is a blast to play and even tho I hate fiesta, this made it truly enjoyable!

    Side note, grenades do ricochet off the pegs, and this makes for interesting shots with an ONI gungoose. You can bank a shot around a corner, consistently, if you find the sweet spot!


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    Wow, like WOW!
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    Thank you! I have a whole series planned...

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