8v8 Assault

Map Description

  1. Cardnal
    Landborder is an amalgamation of buildings, blocks, and platforms; creating fully navigatable structures.
    The structures are comprised of several sections dedicated to each team; this map has a feature that makes it unique in that it can run multi-team game types with up to 5 teams!
    The rocket launcher can be found on a bridge connecting both the blue and red bases; the yellow and blue bases have two sender nodes that connect to a receiver node each placed in specific locations in the map
    The Sniper Rifle is located on the open platform of the green base with another platform also part of the green base holding Sniper Rifle ammo, while the active camo can be found at what's called the Island, a purple base located in the left bottom corner of the map, the shotgun (the third and final power weapon) can be found on the blue tower platform located in the bottom right corner of the map!
    This map offers mayhem in control, players will find themselves in the depths of madness while never truly knowing where the next big battle will be taking place!

    Download Instructions
    To download go open your roster click on your profile, then click on find player, search my Gamertag (Cardnal) and click on Fileshare!
    And you got it!!

    Please contact me with any issues with this map, it IS old so I may have missed some bugs caused by this.

    Supported Gametypes
    -Slayer FFA
    -Team Slayer
    -King of the Hill

    Supported Teams
    (Two to each team)


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