1v1 Strongholds

Map Description

  1. Ryouji Gunblade
    The Black Tower of the past is nearly complete.
    You must save the future!

    You probably don't know about the Capcom Zelda games but you can think of them like more Link's Awakening. They shared that style and platform and they were good too.

    I made this as an experiment in 1v1 and 2v2 asymmetrical vertical scenarios. Slayer or Strongholds. You can also do up to 4 player FFA... maybe. Climb and fight your way through the different levels and jumps. Watch out for that high ground and use the time portal I mean teleporter when it can save you. Oh and don't look down. Seriously, it looks like Minecraft down there. As a bonus, this is a "linked game" so you'll see not only stuff from Oracle of Ages but also Oracle of Seasons with the weather cycling between 4 stages and a tree stump that let you do that in the game.

    Thanks, and I'll catch you next time!​



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