Korin Tower


Map Description

  1. MooMoo
    Korin Tower (v2) is a remake of the Dragon Ball location.
    I created this map 10 years ago. I modified some of the spawns, objectives and killzones.

    The map supports Slayer, Oddball and King of the Hill.

    The best game modes are FFA Slayer game modes such as;
    • Fiesta
    • Escalation Slayer
    • Assassination-Only Slayer
    • GrenadeLauncher + Evade only
    • Any strange slayer variants you might have!

    The map does not have any weapon spawns, which is why special Slayer game modes are the best.

    The map also supports team games, and Oddball and King of the Hill as long as there is only one Oddball objective and one Hill objective.

    The map is small and can be very chaotic. Rounds can sometimes range between 2-5 minutes depending on the game type and party size.

    The recommended party size is 4-8, but the map supports 16 if you're feeling spicy.

    You can watch the gameplay video HERE

    //- INSTRUCTIONS -// ​
    How to download the Map and Game Type:
    1. Launch Halo MCC
    2. Go to the Main Menu
    3. Open the Roster
    4. Find Player
    5. Search gamertag: MOO FACE 5
    6. Download Map: Korin Tower V2
    7. Return to Main Menu
    8. Go to Custom Games
    9. Select the Map
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