1. Few extra touches

    I was attempting to make the cave near the raft but instead I’ve just put the boulder there alone instead. Physics are normal. Task turned out to be more difficult then I expected.

    Textures of the wood are now wood.

    House in the tree is now more of a box than a dark cave.

    Raft now has sails!

    Star has now been put in place of the Riku race section.

    The Cloaked Figure is now a character visitable inside the secret cave.

    Door inside the secret cave now has a switch (that does nothing) to simulate the frustration of not being able to open the door.

    Extra land area underneath the paupu fruit tree (heartless sitting there).

    Door near where you meet riku for the race now looks better.

    Supports have been placed underneath all stairways to make the look more authentic.

    Ladders have been put in place for the stairways (important part of the update). You can climb the big ladder.

    This update is something I needed to do a long time ago and I still may try to make a few adjustments in the future, but I feel like now is a could time to post an update in celebration of the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 and hopefully let more people know this map exists in Halo.

    In my opinion KH3 is a good but underwhelming game.

    I hope this update is somewhat satisfactory
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