King Lewey Resort

4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. TheyChaseMe
    This is King Lewey Resort. You can skydive with revolving power ups, pilot a wasp and go on a kill streak. Snorkel in the most amazing reef with tropical fish. Checkout breathtaking views from the snipers nest. Take our jetskis for a cruise around our resort.

    Stay for dinner and enjoy suckling pig. 4 oceanside villas. 1 bar and a lounge area right in the center of the resort.

    This is a close quarters map and I made to scale according to real life buildings. The map opens up when you're around the outer parts of the map where long and midrange weapons are best utilized. The map is restricted to soft kill and then hard kill. You can get access out of the map by using the cod zombies style teleporter located in the center of the map. You will be out of the map and can return back into the action with something special. The teleporter is random


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