1. Kakriko Village / Graveyard Complete

    So I have been updating most of my other maps as of recently and decided to revisit my very first map I ever posted here on forgehub and the first LOZ:OOT map I ever created.
    In this update I pretty much combined Kakariko Village v2 except you can go inside most of the building like you could before in the original version. I also made a lot more additions to the map since the limited block count was 1024!
    I will tally up all of the changes here and post the pictures here and on the main page.
    -added a whole new look to the graveyard (with a secret gun you can find)
    image (4).png

    - changed the spawns for humans and added more respawns and initial spawns for infected (still mostly an aesthetic map)
    - Added more details to the housing like how it actually looks in the game
    - I also turned the scripting off unfortunately, because everything just sucks for scripting even though it worked before. (thanks 343)
    - For a more immersive experience I made it so that you can actually see the graveyard from the fences behind the windmill, vice versa just like in the game.
    image (2).png
    The reason I updated this map was so people can enjoy playing Kakariko Infection gametype I made a little bit more, and have more incentive to play on it, even though it is an aesthetic map.
    Even though it does not play the best, I still wanted to play infection on Halo 5 while having a bit of childhood nostalgia. Is that so wrong?!
    Anyways thank you fellow forgers!
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