4v4 Capture the Flag

Map Description

    **Since MCC does not currently have a way to share a link to in game File Shares on the Halo Waypoint website, in order to download the map please do the following:**
    1. Pull up the roster in the main menu of MCC (“X” Button for Xbox)
    2. Click on your name
    3. Go to “Find Player”
    4. Type in my Gamertag: MJMQCAMPZEIT
    5. Go to “File Share”
    6. Go to “Map Variants”
    7. Download the map “Ka'anaj

    Simple but cool 4v4 map. Name is a mayan word, means "tall", suggestions for new name are welcome :).



    Map has:

    Rocket Launcher
    6x BRs
    2x Carbines
    2x Bruteshots
    2x Needlers
    Bubble shield
    Regeneration pickup thing
    8x Plasma grenades

    (they are all from the default sandbox map, modified spawn timers, bruteshot and needlers extra clip reduced 2 -> 1)

    I tried making the map bigger with more structures but I hit object limit :(, very proud of it, though.

    If you find a problem please let me know.

    UPDATE 16/09/2020:
    - Fixed z-fighting in big head rocket room steel wall
    - Fixed z-fighting on top middle
    - Improved red carbine to rockets ramp rotation and position to be less bumpy
    - Fixed misaligned block on bottom lift
    - Improved certain blocks position and rotation on both bases to make them look less ugly (at least on the outside)

    UPDATE 17/09/2020:
    - Default map variant now does not have unused respawns outside the map (these were blocked before, now deleted), to avoid any out of bounds respawns situations.
    - Created new map variant with all of the unused respawns outside the map but blocked, for people who decide to modify and add more respawns to the map.
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