K27R’s House

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  1. K27R
    Welcome to my house!


    - Kitchen

    - Dining Room

    - Veranda

    - BBQ area

    - 4 ~ 6 bedrooms

    - Upstairs bar and restaurant

    - 2 bathrooms (includes sauna)

    - 4 hidden power ups

    - Basement

    - Yard

    - Shed

    - Living Room

    - Home Cinema

    - Study Room

    Unfortunately budget restrictions prevent me from putting enough furniture throughout the house.

    This map is primarily intended for Social gametypes.


    New prefab I created called “Barbecue Grill XL”. Go check it out.

    Problems: For unexplained reason there are five hidden objects on the map that can not be deleted. One of these objects is causing frequently annoying explosions in the background noise.

    WANT TO GO ON A QUEST??? Help me fix this map by finding the 5 missing pieces!

    I have a map called “Help me find lost 5”.

    If you play custom games, you’ll hear an explosion about every two minutes. I have no idea where it’s coming from.


  1. ZombieDyer

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    "The house is pretty neat. My favorite location is the kitchen. Looks so dam good."

    *puts on ben10 shades super cool like*

    I'll be the judge of that.
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