Jenga Tower


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  1. ElijahA
    Right when Halo 5's forge released and we got those sick custom games, one that particularly comes to mind is "Jenga Tower". That map was so fun that recently I thought about it and realized that I could just do the same thing in Reach....

    So I did.

    Using every interactable crate, pallet and dumpster I give you Jenga Tower Reach Edition.

    Zombie gets to select a saber or seraph to use to try to topple the structure Survivors hold close to their hearts.

    Be Careful! EVERYONE has one life so go easy on the boost zombie, its the only chance you get.

    Survivors are equipped with Plasma Pistols and Jetpacks and trust me, if you time it right you can EMP the aircraft with satisfying results. Played it on CGB with a full lobby for 3 hours until I had to leave. Give it a shot yourself!

    More people: More chaos

    To Download:
    Gamertag: Mighty T Rex
    Game Type: Jenga Tower
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