Jarvis Port

4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Tom300
    As stated in the short description, this is just an alternative version of Arsenal Port that is for Recon gametype variants such as Recon Slayer, Recon CTF, and Recon KoTH.

    Very minor changes in weapon placements, such as including Slience SMG replacing a couple of Spikers, a few BR locations replaced with Carbines, grenade swaps, and removed 2nd power drainer. Recon Slayer gametype will replace BRs, SMGs, and Plasma Rifles to Automags, Silence SMGs and Brute Plasma Rifles without having to swap them out in Forge automatically.

    This map can work as intended for regular gametypes as well.
    (note: this is not to replace current map submission that was already submitted for ForgeTheFight contest)


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