Jail Break

8v8 Strongholds

Map Description

  1. Maze Reclaimer
    In this Mini Game the objective is to avoid the jail searchlights and be the lucky one to escape.

    You Start off exiting the Jail entrance and into the Jail Courtyard. However the guards are aware of your breakout and are on the search.

    Don't climb the fences! They are electric and will KILL you!

    If you are caught by the searchlights you will be teleported into the sky to spectate and can shoot your inmates with your Boltshot.

    My GT: Maze Reclaimer
    Game type is Jail Lights. Best played with 16 players. You can do Multi Team or 8v8.( FreeforAll, KOTH needed)

    Game Mode has 8 rounds, however depending on how many players you have the round count will most likely need to be increased or decrease.

    Fun Facts: I redone the scripting on this map 6 times, first time I've tried to do some real scripting. First Mini Game ever finished.

    Also as I'm like that Halo Forge Youtuber who says he has no friends any feedback is appreciated.
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  1. Sambo0201

    Sambo0201 Spartan III

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    There is an error when I try to download this map.
  2. Maze Reclaimer

    Maze Reclaimer Spartan III

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    Should work, I even seen Reckless Riley play it. I'll still check it out though.
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