Installation 04-B

Map Description

  1. Ishto 'Sukule
    Installtion 04-B is a Aesthetic map built from a Forge Tutorial on my Channel. I thought it'd be fun to make a small map with a lot of scenery.

    (Forerunner Tower Prefab by: Darth Draius)
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  1. munk07

    munk07 ONI Agent

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    I'm hoping Halo Infinite has A.I. These types of maps would be perfect for campaigns. Mechanics are important but so are aesthetics. This looks really good to me.

    I figure if you can make a beautiful map in a not so advanced system, you will be able to achieve so much more later on.
    (Advanced systems as in, terrain editor)
  2. Ishto 'Sukule

    Ishto 'Sukule Marine

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    If we had A.I in forge I would build so many world's that would feel more alive. I love building things for people to look at and explore.
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