Inside the Deku Tree pt.2


Map Description

  1. flashplayer911
    Gametype: Link

    Prior to the events of Ocarina of Time, Ganondorf cast a 'death curse' upon the Great Deku Tree in order to force him to relinquish the Kokiri's Emerald. Realizing that he could not survive the curse, the tree sends his assistant Navi, a blue fairy, to find Link. Link is finally allowed to reach the tree, who explains his plight. However, he neglects to mention that he was already doomed to die from the curse. After asking Link whether he was courageous enough to help, the tree opens his mouth and allows him to enter the dungeon, which would stand as a test of his bravery. (source:

    THIS PUZZLE MAP IS VERY SHORT! Especially if you have played legend of zelda ocarina of time before.

    This took me a long time but I wanted to make it along side with the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! But this is a continuation of Inside the deku tree pt.1 map, so if you did not play the first part, I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU PLAY THE FIRST PART IF YOU DID NOT DO SO ALREADY! But if you did play the first part, then I know you have been waiting for this part to come out.

    I spent A LOT of time on the scripting to make sure it doesn't break, but of course there are glitches. One which is kind of game breaking, but not always (I tried). The big Skulltula tends to glitch out still, just like the other one in part 1, along with the water in the third room (sometimes). But this takes place right after you fall through the cob webs in part 1.

    Hope you all enjoy. If there are any glitches other then the ones above, contact me on forgehub, halowaypoint, or on xbox (all flashplayer911). And it hurts my heart to say that I will have to make a part 3 because there are so many blocks with scripts, sorry :(. But I did leave a little teaser at the end of the map for what is going to be in part 3. Little ghoma spiders and GHOMAS UPROAR IN PART 3 COMING SOON!...maybe

    I suggest playing this while going through the puzzle-

    You will first fall down the hole continuing from part 1 through the cob webs into the water below. Go to the right and crouch onto the button to interact with it.
    The button sets the torch on fire burning the webs blocking the treasure chest with your slingshot. Get your sword and slice the deku baba (blue stick creature thingy). Once killed it will drop a stick that you can go to the torch and interact with it, lighting your stick on fire. Run over to the webs where the music is coming from and burn them with your torch. After that, go into the next room by going up to the door and interacting with it. Shoot the deku scrub in the back with your pistol by bouncing up and down on the webs below. When dead the shoot the eyeball above the locked door leading you into the next room. Next, go into the water to the left in the new room where a button will be on the ground, press it by crouching on it. Once pressed the water will lower allowing you to go with the platform underneath the spikes. BE QUICK THOUGH BEFORE THE WATER RISES OR THE SKULLTULA (big spider) WONT TURN AROUND! (if you are on the other side already, you will have to try it again, being quicker then before) (<----this is where the skull glitches, if he flies away. There is nothing you can do except trying to press the button that is in the water, hopefully reseting him) Once on the other side of the water go close the the Skulltula shoot his back and this will allow you to push the block over to climb up the next door. Now, slice the Deku Babas on the left so that the one in the middle will be killable. Once dead, look on the ground for a stick to light the non lit torches. With the torches lit, the doors should open thus leading you to the end of part 2 :)


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