Inn on the Pier

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  1. HAYDN est1999
    This took 5 days of non-stop (except for sleep) forging to complete. I am not 100% happy with it though but there is nothing I can do to change it, the original image I tried to recreate was taken on a slight angle and I was unable to do this, the other major gripe I had was the colour of the water and sky. I was torn between the Blue/Green Process filter and no filter at all. If you launch the map in forge and look you will see why I was torn.

    IMPORTANT: Do not generate lighting! the heavy use of z-fight meant that the majority of the build will look wrong if lighting is generated.

    I am also not happy with the scaling and the struts holding the build out of the water but I was limited by object count and what I have is the result of several hours of face-desking before arriving at what is in the final submission, regardless I would really appreciate it if you vote for me in the forge contest :)

    And if you download the map or leave a review I will personally send you a hypothetical high five or hug, your choice :D


  1. HAYDN est1999

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    My gamertag is: HAYDN est1999 and you can download this map from Halo 5's file browser using my gamertag as a search criteria.

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