8v8 Custom

Map Description

  1. Ivan Diaz
    "Do you expected little resistance?"

    This is a map that I wanted to make for a long time.
    Inspired by the level "little resistance" in call of duty world at war.
    First of all the game mode is based on the one made by BIG TIMER in their invasion map series, but adapted to this one created by me.

    This map consists in 3 stages, the blue team (USA) spawn in a remote area, there they have access to planes, vehicles and weapons. While the red team (JAPAN) spawn already in the area of the first phase, they have access to turrets and planes as well, but their planes are single-use, if the blues destroy them, they will no longer reappear unlike those of the Blue team that respawn every 15 seconds. (The respawn time for this could be modified in the future) In the red team's respawn area they will have access to more weapons.

    Stage 1: The beach
    The red team must defend the beach from the attack of the blue team, which launches an offensive both air and ground, the blue team must activate an explosive to blow up a wall to complete the stage.
    Stage 2: The aerodrome
    The red team retreats to more fortified positions to resist the armored attack of the blue team, this time the blue team must activate the controls of the door found to the right of this to open the hangar and thus complete the second stage.
    Stage 3: The hangar
    The last objective, the red team is in a high position to defend themselves from the enemy incursion in the hangar, the blue team, must secure a position on a ship in order to obtain the points that give it victory.


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