1. Cover added, weapon changes

    • sniper rifle has been replaced by the binary rifle to add to the theme of the map.

    • SAW has been replaced by the incineration cannon to add to the theme of the map.

    • Gravity Hammer is now under the stairwell in the throne room. Hydra in the conference room, and the overshield has returned to the center of the map. The battle rifle atop the stairs in the throne room is now a H2 battle rifle.

    • In red base a terminal was added to turn on/off the Galaxy map.

    • There is now a switch on the left arm of the Throne that deploys a (Truth) shield for some cover in that area. Despawn after 30s. Spawning in the cover sometimes requires a second activation of the switch initially.

    Thanks to everyone that has added feedback to make this map as fun as it is!
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