Imbalanced Fort

6v6 Assault

Map Description

  1. The Aclopolipse
    Imbalanced Fort is a 8-16 player map for assymetric flag and bomb modes centered on a highly defensible fortress. Unlike the typical raid map, this design trades scale for complexity, giving each team strategic choices throughout the round. Do the attackers go straight for the base or try to contest the neutral weapon pads? Do the defenders hole up in the base, use ambush tactics, or get aggressive and push up?

    There are several buildings outside the fort that provide cover and infantry-only routes to both teams, as well as house the neutral power weapons. The base itself is designed with three main gates to a yard overlooked by a turret, but some ways into (and out of) the base are less obvious. Creative positioning on both attack and defense is rewarded.

    The attackers' vehicle arsenal expands as the round goes on. The first wave will consist of Mongooses and Scout Hogs, but later on, they get access to a Ghost, Rocket Hog, and even a Wraith.

    Once per round, defenders may activate the alarm, which closes the main gates for 30 seconds, rendering it inaccessible to enemy vehicles. It also opens a weapons cache inside the base, giving the defenders power weapons they can't get anywhere else. This gives defenders another choice - do they pop the alarm early to get the weapons, or hold off to block the attackers' more powerful vehicles later in the round?

    (The scripting/objective placements should allow for assymetric play and accurate scoring with default flag and bomb modes, but the custom gametype is recommended.)


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