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  1. roadkill630
    The top floor of Ice is a wide open frozen Forest, with pipelines, crevasses and icy trees scattered throughout it to act as obstacles. There is an Overshield on a pillar in the middle of a pond to the east. Inside the pond, you can find the SPNKr, and a Brute Rifle near the edge. Above the water, you will find a Carbine in one corner, another Brute Rifle near the next, with a Plasma Pistol in between them on the south side of the map. Another Carbine sits on the opposite side of the field. A Detached Splinter Turret is sitting on top of raised ledge in the center of the area.

    Fall into one of the pits at the corners of the upper plain to fall into a flooded cave. This area is mostly taken up by water, with the only land being around the edges and at the center. A Gravity Hammer, a Shotgun, and a Splinter Grenade can be found beneath the water. Two SMG's are on a more raised section under the water. You can get on top of the center area and acquire an Energy Sword. In one of the corners, a Speed Boost and a Plasma Grenade are hidden in a tunnel of ice.

    To go back to the upper floor, take one of the teleporters located in small inlets in the walls. When you do, you will find Hydra Launchers or Sniper Rifles on either a high alcove to the North or South or a raised platform on the East and West edges.

    (Like all other maps ive posted, can you find the hidden Spartan Doll?)


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