Hydrocity Zone Race

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  1. Shiningdragon7X
    Hydrocity Zone Race is a mongoose race track inspired by Hydrocity Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic Mania. The map basically traverses through an underground aqueduct/ temple. The map features several elements from the Sonic level, including above water/underwater sections, crushing walls, high presssure water vents, and tube slides. There are also a few badnik robots from the level, including Turbospiker, Jawz the shark jet looking robot, and the newer jellyfish robot from the Mania version. The map starts by taking players down an incline and straight underwater. Water jets made by bouncers and sliders then propel players side to side and front and back through a small section of tunnel. I recommend to release the joystick during this section to increase the chances of facing a forward position at the end of the section. Players then propel up a hill and a curved track section, and proceed to a section in which they need to dodge the robots. Players then go down a small incline and have to pass through a tunnel with walls that narrow in and can crush them. The rest of the map features underwater/above water sections featuring tubular half pipe water slides and a few different badnik robots. Players then go through a narrow transitional section and back to the beginning.

    The map is forged outside of tidal, which explains the narrow turns in some sections since I had limited room to work with. I also advice to keep a small amount of players on the fire team to ensure a less cramped racing experience (I reccommend around 4 or less). You can have the full 8, but it probably wouldn't be enjoyable.

    Use either Ducains Mongoose Race game type and set the points to 12 or use my pre set gametype "Race 12 points" which can be found in my file share.

    Hope everyone is staying safe from the COVID-19 pandemic and if you're an essential employee(like myself), that you are staying well protected.


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    Looks fun, need to check this one out. I love the sega sonic games!
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