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  1. Littlemonk5
    Hey guys, Littlemonk5 back with another Halo 5 mini-game. This time it isn't a feces infested toilet, but instead a harmless children's game, Hungry Hungry Hippos.


    The goal of the game is very similar to the original children's game, except now you are in the game instead of controlling the hippos. There are 4 hippo heads, each moving on its own timer with a 12 second cycle. Every 10 seconds, 4 balls will drop from the sky and all players will fight for the balls to be deposited in their respective color hippo.

    The players are equipped with gravity hammers for long launching hits, rockets for long range defense, and incredible knockback melee effects for line drives and some very hard up close defense.


    When the head closes on a ball, the ball will be sucked in* and deposited further down in a glass viewing tube. When the tube fills up (25 balls), that team wins! Be careful though, you don't want to be trapped in a head when it closes.


    Here are the files for download! Hope you all enjoy it!

    Map Variant
    Game Variant

    Also, if you enjoy these maps or are interested in the forging process, I am streaming now while I work and continue the stream into playtesting. I use the same name, Littlemonk5, on Twitch.

    Obviously while making this, I came across some who told me Hungry Hungry Hippos had already been done. Yes, this is true, but in a much different way which is why I continued with the build. The previous version had players as the balls on mongeese with one person controlling the heads attempting to kill the players. In this version, the heads are uncontrollable and points are awarded for balls scored. Obviously, I would not have continued this map if it was an attempt to one up another player who created a completely functional and all around fun map.

    I actually want to take a little time to explain the scoring mechanism for this as it took a considerable amount of time for this build and could be really helpful for other "ball and goal" gametypes. I'll try to explain it in the order it was built so that it is easy to follow for recreation. Skip the numbered items if you are on the TL: DR life.
    1. Built a hollow hippo shell with a separate head piece which was also hollow.
    2. Created a channel system of 8x8 space to facilitate movement of a 7x7 ball inside of the hippo leading to the final deposit tube made of glass.
    3. Created a way of moving balls through the channel. This was done with 8' cylinders moving 10'-20' in .1 sec on a timer of 4 seconds in the same direction of the ball movement any time the ball needed to change direction. To make sure the ball locked into place before being hit by these cylinders, a grav lift was placed down as these actually hold balls instead of ejecting them. I chose grav lifts instead of walls because the ball position was more predictable and there was no scripting required. This, along with any other moving pieces described herein, were never despawned but instead moved from a position that did not interfere with gameplay and then reset on a timer. This ensured that players positioning never prevented balls from being sucked in as an exploit.
    4. Created a way of getting the ball to the first set of channels from the head. This was done by creating one way invisible blockers designated with the "Team 8" tag. The balls were similarly given the same tag. This allowed the balls to pass into the channel, get moved by the same piece, and prevent players from interfering.
    5. Inside the head, invisible blockers tagged "neutral" were used to suck the balls in. Hidden under the map at start, these 3 walls move into position shortly after the head closes. The side 2 pieces lift and push the balls to the center and a sweeper piece then moves in and pushes them to the body. These were set to "neutral" so players would be eaten upon close as well.
    6. Created a scoring lever. Inside the first channel right after the first grav lift, is a slot in the wall, and in this slot is a 2'/8' 2' high trapezoid set to "normal". When a ball is ejected from the grav lift, it hits this lever which pushes over a fusion coil on the other side of the wall which then touches a fire effect. The destruction of this fusion coil then sends a signal to "alpha" to first, reset the lever, and second, count a point.
    7. Created a way to turn the "alpha" input into a point. Under the map is another series of explosives. Due to a bug I discovered and reported, the movement was limited to rotational. Every time the "alpha" was received, a wall turned 5 degrees. On the 25th movement, it would tip over a fusion coil into a fire effect which would turn "echo" on.
    8. There was also a one way blocker added to the end of the tube to lock the previous score in place for better counting moving up on each signal, but due to the same movement bug described above, it only kind of works for now.
    9. Quadrupled the previous steps on the next channels in line to create teams.
    10. Created a stronghold scoring area that spawned on "echo" or the other teams respective signals as well as a teleporter with the same conditions to teleport the whole field to this area should someone win.
    11. The team that won will have its teams respective invisible blocker spawn which will only allow them to pass to the stronghold area after teleporting where they will win instantly. To ensure that in the second delay of telporting, no other teams blockers spawned, a channel is set when one spawns to not allow others to spawn after (has not been confirmed to work, hard to create this scenario). This is a technique that was modified from other gametypes such as Rocket League by Turbtastic.
    12. To make sure there was feedback, lights appear upon receiving the "alpha" or similar signal and all balls scored are visible.
    I realize that was a lot, but if it helps one person's map, it was worth the time to write. Feel free to poke around in the forge or watch my previous streams of the troubleshooting.

    Bug Reporting:
    I am always hoping for feedback on my maps, especially for bugs. Right now, everything is working, but as with all maps there are bugs. The biggest ones in this have caused me to recreate many parts of this map and I do not release a map before I believe I have made the most reliable save. In this, the biggest struggles came from the scoring mechanism and I discovered a bug which I reported and moved to changing to a new scoring mechanism. In past iterations, it was set off on the 24th, the 26th, or not at all. If it does not work over multiple games, that is the time to message me. The second is that a head "falls of" or moves but in the air and not to the ground. Same deal, if it fails over multiple games, let me know. The third is that the balls don't get eaten that were in the head when it closed. Ignore this. It cannot be changed. If the ball is on the edge of the head (mostly the corners), there is a chance it is not eaten. The head is set to normal physics. If I bring the collection system any closer to the head, it will dehinge the head permanently. The last is that no team is able to win. It is possible that two teams get to 25 in the 1 second delay between the first team scoring and winning. I have made a script to combat this but I could not get a good in-game test. Also, this game only works over 1 round or it bugs out like crazy. DO NOT CHANGE THE ROUND NUMBER!

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  1. ReinaStorm ReinaStorm
    This was a blast playing. An absolute hilarious feeding frenzy.



    WARHOLIC Cartographer
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    We shared your map on twitter, thanks for bringing this board game to Halo 5. I loved this as a kid:)
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  2. Littlemonk5

    Littlemonk5 Spartan I

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    Wow, that's awesome! Really appreciate the help getting all the maps out to more people.
  3. thrillerkillers

    thrillerkillers Spartan I

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    i must say that I am impressed, 300+ views within the first 12 hours of release. I am really curious to see how this plays, your script system for keeping score is really creative.
    it would be a shame....if some bugs....occurred....
    but im sure 343 has fixed all those by now....haha...hah...ha....*sobs in the corner*
  4. Littlemonk5

    Littlemonk5 Spartan I

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    Haha thank you. I hope when you get the chance to play it you enjoy it. It sounds like you are someone who will appreciate all the behind the scenes work that went into this. And yeah I love that scripts exist but I also really hate it. I don't need to go into more detail. We all know why.
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  5. CaptainDireWolf

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    I love how well this turned out. Big fan of hardcore scripting in minigames. Especially creative games from one's childhood. Keep it up man.

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