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  1. Connie
    By: Connie:heart: (gamertag: Deergirls)
    And just when I thought I was done forging in Halo 5 for good, I had inspiration to grind out one last map. Hothouse is my FINAL FINAL Halo 5 map, also built for the Fiesta Contest. Honestly, this is one that I really love for it's simplistic CE Forerunner aesthetic blended with realistic terrain.

    Hothouse is themed after a concept art of a canyon environment I saw once. I'm not kidding, I have no idea what it was for or where it came from, but I saw some overlapping ledges and went "huh, okay." Aside from the canyon aesthetic, the map's interior is largely based on Halo:CE's simplistic Forerunner geometry. Whereas Timeout is heavily detailed, Hothouse finds beauty in it's simplistic colors and fun geometry.

    This map is WILD in a 4v4. Boys become men in the outdoor sections, with sight lines the cross over, under, and sideways. Verticality is a big focus on the outdoor portions as well, ensuring that enemy's can get the jump on you from above, or by sneaking below. Outside of Fiesta, Hothouse sports a Rocket Launcher, a Shotgun, and two Splinter 'nades for dominant firepower and route denial. As an asymmetrical map, I find it plays best for Oddball and Slayer, though it is set up for all 4v4 core modes.
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